Greenabl Shippers Association is the logistics industry’s first cooperative procurement group committed to achieving global supply chain decarbonization. We appreciate your efforts by joining the association and taking action to help accelerate the shipping industry’s carbon footprint reduction.

Our mission is to help shippers advance their supply chain decarbonization goals by taking immediate steps. Your next step to move forward with Greenabl is to complete the following application with your company and contact information to join our Shippers Association. We will take the information from your application and help get you set up for our Greenabl Ocean Shipping Contract(s). Greenabl has procured competitive global ocean freight contracts with long term rates, dedicated allocation, and proactive 100% emissions avoidance for your shipments. Utilizing Greenabl’s contract will reduce your carbon footprint by avoiding well-to-wake emissions through alternative biofuel option via a book and claim process for your shipments.

Greenabl strives to provide the best of possible services to our clients and members. As part of that, data and information privacy and security are of utmost importance to us, and we maintain client information confidentiality. Please visit our Privacy Policy and Terms for details. If you have any questions, please contact your Greenabl representative.