the path to

Greenabl Shippers Association is the logistics industry's first and only cooperative procurement group committed to achieving global supply chain decarbonization.


The path to logistics decarbonization cannot wait for or rely solely on ocean carriers' actions. Everyone has a part to play.

Greenabl enables shippers to advance their supply chain decarbonization goals by taking immediate steps to measure, mitigate, and offset their direct and indirect GHG emissions. 

Since we can only manage what we measure, we first quantify the carbon output of each shipment we move


Then we work to optimize supply chains by implementing changes that mitigate carbon emissions and validate and certify the positive outcomes of such inset projects


Until zero emission ships are a reality, we also use carbon offsets to neutralize the harmful effects of global supply chains


Decarbonizing the transportation industry is a complex and challenging task. However, with the right combination of technological solutions, policy measures and operational changes, it is possible to significantly reduce the transportation industry’s carbon emissions and transition to a more sustainable future.

why greenabl

The path to supply chain decarbonization requires multiple stakeholders' commitment, action, and cooperation.

A green-focused, supply chain coalition like Greenabl is part of the solution.